Setting up a personal VPN server and remote desktop

Setting up a personal VPN server and remote desktop


Benefits of owning a personal VPN server and remote desktop:

  1. Having a static public IP address that only you use and with any geolocation
  2. Higher level of security.
  3. There are no restrictions on the speed and amount of traffic.
  4. Low price for renting a VPS (virtual server).
  5. Low probability of blocking.
  6. The ability to hide the very fact of using a VPN.
  7. Having a choice of Windows or Linux for remote desktop.
  8. Ability to work remotely from one location.
  9. Ideal for freelancers and remote workers.
  10. Bonus – virtual bank card for free (suitable for almost any purchases all over the world).
  11. And much more.

When ordering, in the Order notes indicate your name and surname, as well as your date of birth. You can also send this information to If a specific geolocation is required, or you have other requirements, please discuss this with us in advance.



Registration on a service that provides virtual server rental services is performed in your name with further transfer of all necessary data to you. You can choose any service provider at will and with any GEO (discussed separately). By default, service providers that have proven themselves from the best side are used (at the moment, the cost of renting a VPS per month starts from $3). You will also receive a virtual bank card for free, which will be used to pay for the services of the vps provider (except Russian VPS). If you like, then you can use any other cards later. You can choose any type of vpn. OpenVpn is installed by default. Setting up server and transferring all data to you is carried out within 48 hours from the date of payment. For all questions, do not hesitate to contact the contacts listed on the site.